Crash Tests
Development of a prototype for a commercial vehicle blind spot monitoring and alarm system

Programmable, GPS-controlled, intelligent development of an intelligent family of experimental dummies

WREX conference (early bird discount)

Press Release for the EU Data Act

IMPACT Vol 29 No 2 - Autumn 2021

Webinar - Photogrammetry (recommendation ITAI)

Jörg Ahlgrimm was awarded the Golden Dieselring by the Association of Motor Journalists

IMPACT Vol 29 No 1 - Summer 2021

Research and development of a complex and intelligent cargo protection system for cargo unit protection and security

Simulation Test of a Dummy Collision in a Bus Seat

Load securing experiments with a pulsating vibration simulating test bench

Development and Implementation of a Havariaassessment and Reporting System

Acceleration pulse test bench load fixing experiments

Side Impact Test- Lorry-Passenger Car

The impact of load and its anchorage on the stability and rollover safety of heavy commercial vehicles

Vehicle Dynamics Tests with Heavy Goods Vehicles

Investigation of the forces of a load securing strap in different plants

Development of a Mathematical Model for Bus Passenger Number Estimation

Vehicle dynamics simulation studies using a multi body mass vehicle and load model to analyse the effects of different w...

IMPACT Vol 28 No 3 - Spring 2021

Contributions to the upcoming congress in Haifa

Analysis of video recordings using the lightboard: stabilization of timing, high-speed camera, exposure time

Needs and Requirements of EDR/DSSAD - Analysis based on insurance claims reported to Allianz Germany

Night time visibility of pedestrians on unlit roads - A comparison of analysis methods and some practical suggestions