Crash Tests


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Development of a prototype for a commercial vehicle blind spot monitoring and alarm system Tálas, Mátyás 2022
Programmable, GPS-controlled, intelligent development of an intelligent family of experimental dummies Thaly, Bence 2022
Research and development of a complex and intelligent cargo protection system for cargo unit protection and security Ferenc Szauter research report 2021
Development and Implementation of a Havariaassessment and Reporting System Zoltan Krutsch research report 2021
The impact of load and its anchorage on the stability and rollover safety of heavy commercial vehicles Ferenc Szauter research report 2021
Development of a Mathematical Model for Bus Passenger Number Estimation Gyula Kőfalvi research report 2021
Vehicle dynamics simulation studies using a multi body mass vehicle and load model to analyse the effects of different wheelbases and load placements on vehicle dynamics and road safety László Süvöltős research report 2021
Contributions to the upcoming congress in Haifa
Analysis of video recordings using the lightboard: stabilization of timing, high-speed camera, exposure time Wojciech Wach 2020
Needs and Requirements of EDR/DSSAD - Analysis based on insurance claims reported to Allianz Germany Melanie Andrea Kreutner 2020
Night time visibility of pedestrians on unlit roads - A comparison of analysis methods and some practical suggestions Ian White 2020
The transition of control from “Pilot Assist” to Driver preliminary research Bas Hetjes 2020
Challenges in forensic reconstruction of traffic accidents involving Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Daniel Paula 2020
The Role of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction in the Judicial System and Potential Impact on Road Safety Promotion – Insights Based on a Survey among Accident Investigation Experts and Lawyers Moshe Becker 2020
Mobility in mining: Issues for road safety improvement Genís Mensa lecture 2019
Physiological and psychological capacities in human perception and the implications for hazard perception Bettina Schützhofer lecture 2019
Risks of Accidents with Electric Vehicles Raphael Murri lecture 2019
The FORTIS forensic system and its use in the assessment of traffic accidents Nikita Bobrov lecture 2019
Main Causes for failing in danger recognition and perceptions Ernst Plfeger lecture 2019
Ways to improve professional driver’s training M. Samara lecture 2019
Manipulations in digital tachographs and road safety Krzysztof Nowak lecture 2019
Photogrammetric Documentation of Accident Scene under Adverse Weather Conditions Stanislav Stehel lecture 2019
Evaluation of CDR crash tests Ph.D. Ing. Peter Vertaľ lecture 2019
AEROFLEX PROJECT: Accident Scenario Definition and Simulation for 16+ Ton Trucks Alejandro Longton lecture 2019
How realistic is the Biofidelic Dummy in terms of Reconstruction Parameters and Biomechanics Andreas Schäuble lecture 2019
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